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Explore These Pet-friendly Restaurants with Your Pet

Updated: May 8

pet friendly restaurant in hong kong

Suppose you are looking to take your pup along for a meal out. In that case, you can choose from many pet-friendly restaurants with a different ambience and a wide range of cuisines to tickle your tastebuds.

These restaurants offer you and your pet a wide range of dining experiences. However, it is essential to practice responsible pet ownership and follow each restaurant's pet policies. 


Pet-friendly restaurants typically require you to keep your dog on a leash or harness at all times while being mindful of other diners, allowing pets in outdoor seats, ensuring vaccinations and flea prevention, and adhering to pet etiquette. 

These guidelines help restaurant owners create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for two- and four-legged diners. 

5 Pet-Friendly Restaurants to Explore with Your Pet!


dog on a couch

Located above the vibrant Ship Street, Ruam is a gem featuring the diverse tastes of Thai culture. Boasting a lush and spacious terrace and a cosy indoor dining area, this pet-friendly restaurant allows guests to savour various Thai market classics and inventive cocktails. It also boasts a delightful selection of signature snacks, salads, and shared plates. 


Ruam's ambience is a push and pull between laid-back and lively, thus creating an ideal spot for brunches, lunches, and casual get-togethers. Even better, the restaurant features a terrace that welcomes pets and embraces the joyful presence of furry friends. 

Try to go midweek or during non-peak hours; they can best accommodate dogs, too!

Feather and Bone

pets in restaurant

Feather & Bone brings excellence and warmth to life. We are committed to offering carefully selected produce sourced directly from farmers and artisans. This pet-friendly restaurant is in Mid-Levels and caters to food enthusiasts and furry companions. 


Dogs and humans are welcome on the restaurant's rooftop, which offers the finest views. Spoil your taste buds with culinary delights meticulously prepared from premium cuts of multiple types of meat imported from Australian farms. 

You can enjoy happy hours every weekday from 3 to 7 p.m., excluding public holidays. 

Rajasthan Rifles

dog on a cafe

Located at the top of The Peak, Rajasthan Rifles will give you a new dining experience rich in history while feeding your eyes with a beautiful city view. 

This pet-friendly restaurant offers a blend of Anglo-Indian cuisine. Its ambience supports its rich taste, inspired by the 1920s mess halls where the congregation of British and Indian officers took place. 


You can reward yourself and your doggo with an explosion of taste, from British cheese sandwiches to South Asian curries, after a long walk at the Peak.

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Little Bao Diner

miniature dachshund in restaurant

Little Bao Diner is a gem nestled across Victoria Park, bringing to life a modern Chinese diner intertwined with an international flavour—a mirror of Hong Kong itself. 

Little Bao is a haven for food enthusiasts and their canine friends. It has transformed into a culinary wonder where Chinese cuisine meets global flavours, bringing to life a variety of playful and experimental dishes. 

Both humans and their fur babies can find a warm, welcoming ambience here while savouring the richness of every bao, a result of carefully crafted culinary art toasted to perfection.


akita inu with matcha

Moojoo welcomes humans and their canine companions like no other. Its walls feature cute portraits and adorable latte art inspired by adorable pet portraits. Moojoo guarantees to treat your pets like royalty!


You can order egg waffles and share some with your canine friends while they socialise and meet other dogs. Sharing your food with your pooch allows humans and dogs quality time and an opportunity to mingle with other dogs and their humans.


These pet-friendly restaurants offer unique dining experiences for pet owners and their humans. They boast welcoming atmospheres and outdoor seating, and some even provide pet menus and amenities. We must also support pet-friendly establishments prioritising human and fur patrons, as this helps build a foundation for a culture of inclusivity. 

Let's embrace and encourage businesses that care for the well-being of patrons and pets in our communities and promote inclusivity and the well-being of the community as a whole.

You can contact us here if you need guidance from a pet travel and relocation service professional.

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