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10 Dog-friendly Restaurant Recommendations in Hong Kong

Updated: May 8

dogs on a restaurant

There is a reason why they say a dog is a man’s best friend, and that is not even without meaning. We would love to be able to grab lunch or perhaps a quick drink with our dogs in our company.

Therefore, dining in a pet-friendly place allows us to spend quality time with our furry friends. Take a look at our ten recommendations for dog-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong!

Call Me Al

picture of a dog


Call Me Al offers mouth-watering smashed burgers or a healthy leafy green salad in a very homey and comfortable atmosphere. Located on Queen’s Road West, it offers brunch and cocktail hour from 5 to 7 p.m. Even better, your beloved puppy will be by your side! 

Cafe Match Box

dog with food


Tucked away near Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, Cafe Match Box offers an unforgettable throwback vibe with its retro aesthetics and traditional Hong Kong-style cuisine. This dog-friendly restaurant allows guests to submerge themselves in a sea of nostalgia. 

The menu features various items, from French toasts to classic cha chaan teng favourites. The restaurant also has a spacious outdoor area where pets can hang out with humans.

Lazy Creatures

dog with souvenir


True to its name, Lazy Creatures welcomes all, including pets. Nestled in Kowloon City, this cosy spot offers diverse menu choices, including all-day breakfasts, pastas, pies, and coffee.


shiba inu in puppuccino


Located on the waterfront promenade of Tseung Kwan O, Puppuccino boasts a dog-friendly restaurant, an indoor snow playground, a retail shop, and a pet spa. Its menu features Italian-inspired cuisine, fusion dishes, and a range of pet foods.

Bogu Pets: Grooming and Coffee

shiba inu with birthday cake

Bogu combines the concept of a coffee shop with a pet grooming salon, creating a relaxed and soothing space in Sau Wa Fong. You can indulge in a high-quality selection of food and drinks while waiting for your pet’s pamper session.

Spasso in TST East

two german shepherd on a restaurant

For pup parents who crave Italian food, when you're cruising around TST East with your four-legged sidekick and your tummies start rumbling, Spasso is the place to be. With great Italian food and outdoor sofa lounges, you and your pooch will have the best time of your life.

So leash up and head to Spasso in TST East for an unforgettable dining experience with your best friend!

FAM in West Kowloon

german shepherd on west kowloon

You are calling all dog lovers! FAM is your go-to spot if you're roaming around West Kowloon with your pooch and hunger strikes. With pet-friendly spaces in Hong Kong, these eateries help promote a happier lifestyle for dogs and humans. It is an excellent Chinese fusion restaurant with good-quality ingredients.  

So leash up your pup and head over to FAM in West Kowloon for a dining experience that's sure to get two paws up!

The Peak Lookout

two dogs on a trail

Pooch parents, rejoice! The Peak Lookout isn't just a feast for your eyes with its stunning views; it's also a haven for you and your furry friend—one of the most iconic and historical restaurants in Hong Kong, casual dining with brilliant service. 

Cabana Breeze 

pet friendly restaurant


Cabana Breeze, with its cosy inside dining area and large outside seating area furnished with—you guessed it—cabanas, is the perfect place to feel like you're at the beach or on vacation. 


pet-friendly restaurant


Nestled along the picturesque coastline, this ​dog-friendly outdoor restaurant offers breathtaking vistas from its charming outdoor seating right by the beach.

Also, the irresistible lunch set offers exceptional value without compromising taste. Savour each bite of delectable dishes, lovingly prepared with the finest ingredients, for a truly memorable dining experience.

Whether it's a leisurely post-work meal or a relaxed weekend gathering, L’Atlantis provides the perfect backdrop for every occasion. 

As you dine, bask in the splendour of the golden beach view right before your eyes. With great food accompanied by your beloved pet and a stunning vista, what more could you ask for? Visit now!

Exploring dog-friendly restaurants in the city is a new way for pet owners to bond with their pets while enjoying quality time over meals away from home. We have also compiled a selection of pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can spend quality time with your four-legged companions.  

Are you ready to visit each of these dog-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong we recommended? For guidance, contact our experienced pet shipping professionals.

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