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Traveling with Pets? Check Out This Pet-friendly Hotel in Hong Kong

Updated: May 8

a cat sleeping on a blanket

In this day and age, where humans have become more attached to their pets than we used to be, they're not just pets but family! Some hotels have adapted to this change, giving us pet lovers some good news — we have pet-friendly hotels now! 

Furthermore, it is also essential for humans to bring our fur babies along with us on our travels so that they get to explore the world with us

5 Hotels to Stay With Your Pet in Hong Kong

Staying at a pet-friendly hotel in Hong Kong offers many benefits to travelling pet lovers. These hotels offer a welcoming environment that treats pets as valued guests. 


Therefore, we encourage pet lovers to travel with their pets and stay at the pet-friendly hotels in Hong Kong that we recommend, with their welcoming ambience, pet-friendly amenities, and strategic location.

Most pet-friendly hotels have policies to ensure the comfort of every guest, and it is, therefore, essential for us to follow through. Most hotel’s pet-friendly policies include:

  • Cleaning up after your pet.

  • No aggressive pets.

  • Making sure they are well-trained.

  • Some pet fees.

  • Make advanced pet reservations before your stay.

In return, these hotels will offer pet amenities such as pet beds, pet relief areas, walking trails, and many more for you and your pup to enjoy. These hotels will surely give you and your pet a memorable experience and lasting memories. 

Here are five pet-friendly hotels in Hong Kong that welcome human and furry guests!

1. Book Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Dogcation Package

dog on a pillow

The Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong offers a special package for guests with pets to stay comfortably at their hotel called the "Centric Dogcation" Package. 

The package offers one night in spacious accommodation with doggie amenities included, such as the hotel's Upper Farm Doggy Playground. Guests can choose either a king bed or twin beds, and the furry guests receive a cosy dog bed, welcome treats, and all the items needed to keep the dogs clean. 

However, the package is only for pet dogs under the condition that they are under 30kg (66 lbs).

2. Experience The Pawfect Wardrobe at THE FIGO

shiba inu on bed

Located in Sheung Wan, The Figo just changed its pet package, which now includes complimentary breakfast, in-room afternoon tea, and pet essentials and amenities kits. 

This pet-friendly hotel also offers a "Pawfect Wardrobe" experience for pets to dress up and capture lasting memories. During summer, pets can also swim on the terrace to cool off. This package is available for cats, dogs, and other pets.

3. Have a Petcation in Ap Lei Chau at Urbanwood

pomeranian on a table

This stylish and modern pet-friendly hotel offers guests a night in a deluxe room and receives a special welcome gift with a welcome treat and Divine Pets Tea Tree Kennel Wash. The amenities include pet bedding, food amenities, a welcome drink coupon, and more! 

You can also bring in more pets for an extra charge of HK$380 per additional pet. This package welcomes not only dogs but cats and other pets as well.

4. Spend an Awesome Night at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

pet on a couch

If you plan to stay at West Kowloon with your fur baby, you can enjoy a fantastic night at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong with the "Pawfect Stay" package. 

This package welcomes dogs, cats, and other pets and allows you to choose the room of your liking—the Deluxe Victoria Harbour Room, Grand Seaview Room, or the Deluxe Suite. 

This package has pet-friendly amenities, including pet strollers and a picnic basket with one pack of dog or cat treats.

5. Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong's Exclusive Pet Program

toy poodle on a tepee

Bring your furry friend along on your staycation at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong with the pet program. This program includes exclusive amenities, a doggie menu, and a walking service dedicated to pet hospitality by the hotel's team. However, pets must weigh under 4.5 kg or 10 lbs. 

These hotels go above and beyond in welcoming their human and furry guests with care and respect.

It is also essential for your pet to travel with a comfortable transportation choice. Global Paws specialises in pet transportation and relocation, and it has over two decades of expertise in pet care. 

Ensure your pup’s safety and welfare during their travels with comfortable pet transportation for your travels; book our services here.

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