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10 Things To Do in Hong Kong with Your Pooches

Updated: May 8

hike with dog in west dog teeth

Hong Kong has started appearing as a pet-friendly destination, which surprises many. It offers various amenities and attractions for pet lovers. We can spend quality time with our pets at endless dog parks, pet-friendly cafes, hiking trails, and beaches. 

Moreover, Hong Kong's public transportation accommodates pets, allowing us on some public transit and welcoming locals and travellers with our beloved furry companions.

We can only dream about our pets living as long as we do. However, the truth is that our pets' life spans are shorter than ours. Thus, we should make the best of their time with us. Hong Kong has begun to establish itself as a destination that welcomes pets, offering opportunities for unforgettable experiences together.

Check these recommendations of 10 things to do in Hong Kong so you can enjoy your day out with your furry friends!

1. Explore faraway lands.

sai kung beach tai long wan

Our first recommendation of things to do in Hong Kong is to explore faraway lands!

You and your beloved doggo can explore small, remote islands in Hong Kong. They will also take you to remote beaches in Sai Kung for a fun day out. 

Sai Kung beaches feature crystal-clear waters, allowing you and your dog to enjoy playing in the sand and spending quality time together. However, be sure to book your spot in advance! 

Renting the entire boat for your unforgettable voyage with your pup to one of Hong Kong's pristine islands for a few hours might cost $2000. But it will only cost ten humans and their dogs $200 per person!

2. Visit Victoria Peak

visiting peak with dogs

Take your furry best friend to experience breathtaking views and unrivalled scenery at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's iconic mountain summit. Climb the peak with them and watch the city's wondrous skyline as it spreads out before your and your dog's eyes.

Bask in the mesmerising vistas of Hong Kong Island and beyond, enhancing the memories you will make with your furry friend with a spectacular backdrop that combines natural beauty and urban allure.

3. Cycle along the paths of Pak Shek Kok Promenade to Hong Kong

pak shek kok promenade path to hong kong

Take your pooch and cycle along the paths of Pak Shek Kok Promenade to Hong Kong Science Park. This scenic route offers a refreshing escape, blending the beauty of nature with the excitement of discovery. 

Upon reaching the Hong Kong Science Park, you'll be greeted by various dining options. Many of these restaurants go the extra mile to accommodate pet owners and their furry companions, featuring outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy a meal in the open air. 

4. Visit Pet-Friendly Water Sports

visit pet friendly water sport

Near the Hong Kong Sea School, you'll find some beachfront establishments like Hiwindlover Water Sports Centre, where you can rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for $80 per hour or $200 for three hours.

Also, if you're itching to explore further into the wilderness on your adventures, Long Coast Seasports on Lantau is another option for renting kayaks and paddleboards. 

If you'd rather not venture too far from the mainland, Blue Sky Sports Centre on Sha Ha Beach and several vendors in Sai Kung near Hoi Ha Wan also provide hourly or daily rentals. 

Plus, you can get there from Sai Kung Ferry Pier in about 20 minutes via taxi or minibus.

5. Visit a Farm

pokfulam farm site

In Hong Kong, there are various pet-friendly farms for you and your pup to visit together and make lasting memories. 

The historic Pokfulam Farm, including pets, opens its doors to the public. The government revitalised the farm, which began as a dairy company in 1919, transforming it into a living museum. For more information, refer to the Pokfulam Farm Visitor Guide.

6. Pet World Resorts

visit pet world with dog

Summer is coming very soon, and the sun can sometimes be relentless on you and your pet. You can beat the summer heat without travelling far away in doggie pools, slides/  water parks and play areas where your furry friend can cool off, such as Pet World Resort.

Not only is it a way for your poppers to cool off in the hot summer, but it can also help them build their stamina and improve their system with delightful activities.


7. Explore Stanley Market

illustration of stanley market

If you want to do something where all your family members, including your furry friends, are welcome, then Stanley Market is the place! 

The iconic market in the vibrant Stanley area offers a pet-friendly atmosphere and various unique souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, and accessories. Plenty of restaurants and cafes along Stanley Market warmly welcome your four-legged friends, allowing you to enjoy refreshing bites and drinks with your dogs.

8. Go Hiking with Your Dog

hiking with dogs to buffalo hill

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with your canine companions and discover the stunning dog-friendly Hong Kong trails, with endless scenic routes and breathtaking vistas. 

Create new memories and take a break from the fast-paced city life with your furry friend by your side on Buffalo Hill Trail, or spoil your eyes with the fresh green scenery on Tai Tam Country Trail.

With this diverse range of pet-friendly activities, you will find more things to do with your dogs in Hong Kong and deepen your bond with them. From bustling markets to harbour tours, there are too many things that you can do with your pup. 


However, it is essential to remember the importance of responsible pet ownership, which includes adhering to local regulations and respecting pet-friendly establishments etiquette.

9. Rent out a floating fish farm with friends

sai kung flotaing fish farm event space

Renting out a floating fish farm with friends in Hong Kong can be a unique and memorable experience, especially for pet owners. Floating fish farms, traditionally used for aquaculture, are now becoming innovative spaces for social gatherings and offer a fresh perspective on Hong Kong's maritime culture.

10. Coast Steer for more adventurous dogs

visiting coast steer with dogs

For dog owners with energetic and adventurous pets, coasteering with your adventurous dog in Hong Kong can be an exciting way to explore the natural coastline, engage in physical activity, and strengthen your bond outdoors. 

Coasteering, for those new to the term, involves navigating a coastline on foot or swimming without the aid of boats, surfboards, or other craft. This adventure sport combines hiking, climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping, tailored to fit the participants' comfort and skill levels. 

With this diverse range of pet-friendly activities, you will find more things to do with your dogs in Hong Kong that can deepen your bond with them. From bustling exploring faraway lands to renting out a floating fish farm to coast-steering with your pooch, There are too many things that you can do with your pup!


However, it is essential to remember the importance of responsible pet ownership, which includes adhering to local regulations and respecting pet-friendly establishment etiquette.

You and your pets can ensure a safe and memorable experience with Global Paws services. Share your stories with us on our social media. Happy travelling!

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