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Giving back

We believe that giving back to the community is an essential part of our business. That's why we are proud to support charitable organisations that align with our values. We take sustainability seriously and are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment. From supporting animal welfare organisations to sponsoring community events, we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact.


Are you SPCA alumni?

Enjoy 10% off on our consultation fee for your pet's relocation and support SPCA at the same time!

Simply let us know your Patient Number or alternatively send us a copy of your membership card.  We will donate HKD$250 to SPCA for every successful trip.  Let Global Paws help you and your furry companion travel stress-free while giving back to those in need. 

SPCA giving back
Second hand crate programme


Second Hand Crate Program

We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable pet relocation services at Global Paws Limited. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer a second hand crate program. When you arrive in Hong Kong, we will take in your crate free of charge and, if we have one available, we will provide you with a second hand crate on your next trip with us. If we don't have any available, we offer a 20% discount on a brand new crate. 

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