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Melody Fork

Founder and Managing Director

Melody has had a deep love for animals from a young age, she grew up surrounded by various animals, including two black cats as her siblings and MANY German Shepherds owned by her uncle Victor. Spending much of her childhood at Victor's kennel, she gained experience handling dogs with difficult behavior, including those rescued by Victor. Over the years, she has developed a wealth of knowledge about animal behavior and emergency situations, having dealt with all sorts of dogs and cats.

At the age of nine, Melody began horse riding, which soon became her lifelong passion when she moved to the UK at fifteen. She pursued a BSC in Equine Science and Thoroughbred Management and an MCS in Business Management and Marketing, with a project focused on the pet industry, as she aspired to become a business owner. She worked for the Hong Kong Jockey Club for over three years before establishing Global Paws in 2020, where she gained valuable experience in customer service, event management, and guest relations with overseas guests and horses attending the Hong Kong International Races.

Melody's current priority is to reunite families with their beloved pets and make pet travel more accessible to owners. She firmly supports the promotion and stricter regulation of animal welfare in Hong Kong. Melody intends to expand Global Paws beyond being just a pet travel company by promoting responsible pet ownership and creating a community that prioritises animal well-being through education, awareness, and advocacy initiatives. Ultimately, her vision is to establish a world where responsible pet ownership is the norm, and pets are treated with kindness, care, and respect.

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