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Your Dog-Friendly Guide to Exploring Chamonix

Updated: May 8

Last week, Global Paws took us on a virtual tour of Pay de la Loires région, Brittany and Normandy. This week, Global Paws share a dog-friendly guide to Europe’s most popular summer and winter destination - Chamonix.  Nestled at the base of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest mountain, Chamonix is truly the adventure capital of France and offers something for everyone, including our best furry friends. From gondola rides to fantastic walks, we'll discover the wonders of this high mountain paradise for hoomans and doggos alike! Don't miss out on the adventure!

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It's not hard to come across dog-friendly accommodation in Chamonix, but you will need to book ahead during peak seasons. Many hotels welcome dogs for an extra fee, but if you want to have more space then dog-friendly Airbnb's are the way to go. We were able to get a beautiful chalet, which meant we could cook for ourselves and our furry friend, and have a patio and garden all to ourselves.


Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Chamonix, but there are some things to consider when bringing your dog to explore the great outdoors with you. 

Apart from Aiguille du Midi and designated nature reserves, dogs are generally allowed to explore and take gondolas up to the surrounding mountains. We highly recommend a scenic hike on the Grand Balcon Sud, you can't really go wrong in this gorgeous natural wonderland. 

Gondolas may require extra charge for dogs and for them to be muzzled and leashed. However, they are generally very welcoming of our four legged friends and we did not need to muzzle our dogs. When up in the mountains be respectful of wildlife, as some areas may require your dogs to be leashed during certain times of the year due to breeding seasons.


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Mer de glace

Mer de glace is one of the most popular destinations to visit due to easy access by cogwheel train, which allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of the Chamonix valley and the Grand Balcon Nord on the opposite side. Be sure to get to the Montenvers train station early to get tickets and nab a seat on the left hand side of the train for the best views! 

illustration of two dogs on a brige

We highly recommend bringing doggie shoes or protective footwear for the dogs visiting glaciers (in particular the Mer de glace) or taking gondolas up to the surrounding regions as the surface of the walkways near the gondolas and glacier

may be difficult for them to walk along. If you have a small pooch you can simply lift them up, however, for those with larger heavier dogs, shoes are definitely recommended!

illustration of german shepherd on a cliff

Argentiere Glacier

Just a short gondola ride from Les Grands Montet and a picturesque family friendly hike overlooking the Chamonix valley will take you to the base of the Argentiere Glacier.

Glacier des Bossons

Park at the Parking Bosson Glaciers and head up the well-marked trail to catch a glimpse of the imposing Glacier des Bossons. You can also stop off at the Chalet du Glacier des Bossons for some light refreshments as you enjoy the views.


lake seeing with dog

Many of the most popular alpine lakes are in the nature reserves and are therefore, unfortunately, off limits to dogs. However, we highly recommend Lac Vert, which is just a short hike away and absolutely stunning. However, its accessibility means that it can get quite busy and so we suggest visiting earlier in the morning to experience the lake away from the crowds. 

Another highly accessible lake is Lac de Passy, which is popular amongst swimmers and sunbathers during the summer. You can also find people ziplining and dirt biking in the vicinity. Dogs are allowed on the less populated far side of the lake, where they may take a dip and enjoy the shaded wooded area.


After all that exploring, you will have worked up an appetite - but do not fear, many restaurants in Chamonix will allow dogs to dine with you, but it doesn't hurt to call ahead and check!

We highly recommend Restaurant Monchu for all your fondue and raclette cravings. The restaurant owner loves dogs and they might even get some free snacks! 

Then, finish with a night cap at L'Hydromel for great cocktails (they also have snacks for your pup)!


Feeling inspired?

Tune in next week as we explore the South of France with Global Paws!

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