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Top 5 Pet Air Travel Tips

A dog in airport

Pet air travel can be convenient for transporting your furry family long distances. Still, many pet owners wonder if they can ship their pets without accompanying them on the journey.

This article will explore the options and considerations involved in shipping your pet by air without you, ensuring you make informed decisions about your pet's travel arrangements.

What is Pet Air Travel

Pet Air Travel is transporting pets via commercial airlines, following strict guidelines and regulations to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Airlines have specific policies regarding pet transport, including crate requirements, health documentation, and booking procedures. Understanding these rules is crucial to ensuring a smooth travel experience for your pet.

Options for Pet Air Travel

Pet air travel can be conducted with the owner accompanying the pet or through unaccompanied transport. 

Accompanied travel allows owners to travel on the same flight with their pets, whether as excess baggage or in the cabin.

Unaccompanied pet transport involves shipping the pet alone as manifest cargo, with a specialised pet transport company handling the logistics. 

Each option has its benefits and drawbacks; it all depends on the owner's and pet's needs.

Shipping Your Pet Without You: Unaccompanied Pet Transport

A dog in a crate

What is Unaccompanied Pet Transport? Unaccompanied pet transport refers to shipping your pet via air without you travelling alongside them. 

This service is often utilised when the owner cannot accompany the pet due to logistical or scheduling conflicts. Unlike accompanied travel, the pet is handled solely by your dedicated pet transport company.

How Does Unaccompanied Pet Transport Work?

The process begins with booking the service with an airline or pet transport company, ensuring all necessary documentation, such as health certificates and vaccination records, is in order. 

On the travel day, the pet is picked up and transported to an airport cargo facility. Upon arrival at the destination, the pet is picked up from a similar facility where your agent will clear customs before delivering the pet home to you.

You need not worry about your pet's health because the transport service monitors your pet's well-being throughout the journey.

Considerations for Unaccompanied Pet Transport

Before opting for unaccompanied pet transport, assess your pet's temperament and health. Some pets may experience stress or anxiety during travel, so evaluating their comfort with such a journey is essential. 

Consulting with a veterinarian for a pre-travel health check-up can help determine if 

your pet is fit to fly.

Pros and Cons of Unaccompanied Pet Transport


If your pet encounters any bumps along the way, don’t fret! You’re listed as the emergency contact, and the airline will keep you informed around the clock. Rest 

assured, they’ll reach out to you 24/7 if any issues arise.


Even though you'll be away from your pet, they'll receive top-notch care from our expert team the entire time.

It is crucial to choose a reputable transport service to minimise any risks. You can trust Global Paws as your professional pet travel and relocation company.

How to Prepare Your Pet for Unaccompanied Travel

Crate training process

1. Veterinary Check-Up and Health Certification

A pre-travel veterinary check-up ensures your pet is healthy enough for air travel. Obtain all health certificates and vaccinations required by the airline and destination country.

2. Acclimatising Your Pet to the Travel Crate

Gradually introduce your pet to the travel crate, making it a positive and comfortable space. Use treats, toys, and familiar bedding to help your pet feel secure. Start crate training well in advance of the travel date to reduce stress. 

If you’re looking for expert help with crate training before your trip, let Global Paws be your go-to guide! We’ll make sure your furry friend gets the hang of their new routine, so you can both enjoy a stress-free journey.

3. Preparing Your Pet's Travel Essentials

Pack essential items such as food, water, and bedding. Our team will label the crate appropriately with your pet's name, contact information, and special handling instructions. and all the preparations for you.

Choosing a Pet Air Transport Service

1. Researching Pet Transport Companies

Check reviews and testimonials to find reputable and reliable pet transport services. Look for companies with experience and positive feedback from previous customers.

2. Comparing Services and Costs

Compare different services based on pricing, route options, and pet handling procedures. Try to understand the total cost breakdown, including any additional fees, to make an informed decision.

While price is important, it's not everything. You also want to ensure your pet receives top-notch care for a safe and stress-free journey. Often, cheaper services don’t guarantee quality nor may not include the same services as others and may treat your beloved pet like just another package. 

You wouldn't want that for your furry family member, would you? Prioritise their comfort and well-being to ensure they get the best care possible.

Trust Global Paws for hassle-free, unaccompanied pet air transport! 

With 20+ years of expertise and top certifications from IPATA and IATA, we guarantee your pet's safety and comfort. Choose us for the ultimate care and peace of mind during pet relocation!

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